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UV Curing

Solvent-resistant printing on PE water pipes

Non-contact Marking Two 32mm piezo printheads Yeacode can print on both sides of PE pipes providing a high-resolution, indelible mark without squashing the pipe. Non-contact marking is an essential feature of the system. A contact wheel would put pressure on the pipe and could lead to “ovality” of the pipes due to squashing.

Solvent resistant The pipes’ surface is plasma treated and then printed with white pigmented ink, which is UV cured to provide a solvent and abrasion-resistant mark. The high-resolution print includes the product specification and dimensions as well as the manufacturer’s logo.

Low Maintenance The installation incorporates the inkjet printer and an integrated UV controller. The modular system makes for low maintenance and the touch screen controller means easy operation. The printer and UV curing module are mounted 1mm away from the curved surface of the pipe, producing a sharp print in white against the dark surface of the pipe.